Social Graces Media

Take social media management off of your plate.


Managing social media can begin to feel like another chore to a small business owner, whose talents may not lay in the communications field. Whether you’re busy managing a retail store or plating up delectable plates for dinner, you don’t have time to deal with posting to social media when you’re in the height of your rush hour or busy season.

Who is Social Graces Media?

April Blake headshot

This one-person show is run by April Blake, a seasoned communications specialist who has been keeping an eye on the Columbia-area food scene professionally for eight years through freelance writing and journalism focusing on who’s cooking and brewing what, and who’s eating and drinking it.

With experience in media relations, website maintenance, copywriting, editing, social media management, and juggling a lot of responsibilities at once, she is taking her talents to small businesses in the greater Columbia-Lexington area who are over dealing with their social media presence. If you want a professional who understands the small business and cultural landscape of the Midlands, look no further than Social Graces Media if you want to keep your business in good social graces. Want to learn more?